Paired Ionic-Electronic Conductivity in Self-assembling Conjugated Rod-Ionic Coil Segmented Copolymers and Mesogens with Ionic Liquid Units

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Poster presented by Mayank and Ziwei at the MGI meeting 2018.

The project falls under the umbrella of Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) for Global Competitiveness sponsored by Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF). The primary goal is to develop and study organic materials that conduct both electronic and ionic charges for a wide range of applications including rechargeable batteries, electrochemical transistors, and bioelectronic devices. We couple organic substituents capable of electronic (polythiophenes) conductivity with ionic conductivity (poly(ethylene glycol) with ionic dopants) in self-organizing materials. Using molecular simulation from the Escobedo group as a guide, we synthesize (Luscombe and Ober groups), assemble and characterize (Nealey group) electronic-ionic conductors ranging from oligothiophene-oligo-ethylene glycol small molecules to macromolecules.

Recent News

August 2021: Chaoqiuyu presents a poster at the ACS Fall 2021 meeting, and wins a student poster award. Congratulations!

April 2021: Chaoqiuyu presents a poster at the ACS Spring 2021 virtual meeting.

November 2020: Yangyang presents at AIChE 2020 virtual meeting.

August 2020: Jonathan defends his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations!

January 2020: Ziwei defends her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations!

September 2019: Ban presents a poster at Asilomar Bioelectronics Symposium in Pacific Grove, CA.

July 2019: A research story is published on UChicago website.

July 2019: Chris is featured in a news article on Cornell research page.

May 2019: Chris defends his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations!

March 2019: Ban and Chris present at the APS March meeting in Boston.

November 2018: Shrayesh and Chris present at AIChE 2018 national meeting.

October 2018: Jon passes his Candidacy Exam!

October 2018: Fernando is featured in a news article on Cornell research page.

September 2018: Ober attends NSF workshop and meets with Washington.

September 2018: Meeting between Chicago and Washington.

September 2018: Chris Nowak and Fernando Escobedo publish an article in JCTC.

August 2018: Ziwei wins the blue ribbon for PMSE best poster candidate at 256th ACS national meeting!

March 2018: Ziwei and Mayank present poster at MGI meeting in Washington D.C.

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